As a leader in medical innovations, research is engrained in the culture at UH.

It's in our mission "To Heal. To Teach. To Discover" and in our vision "Advancing the Science of Health and the art of Compassion". 


Clinical research studies help find new treatments, new ways of using established treatments, observe how people are affected by different factors, and even learn more about medicine and healthcare from our patients' point of view.


Engaging in research provides a unique opportunity to have substantial impact whether you support research at UH Cleveland Medical Center, or in one of our community hospitals.  You also don't have to be a researcher to support clinical research. In fact, some of our greatest advocates and ambassadors are non-research caregivers! UH caregivers in any role can have a tremendous influence on providing more options in care for our patients, family and friends, and improving healthcare and medicine as we know it.


Many of the treatments and therapies used as standard of care today are the result of research studies.

Help us find the standard of care of tomorrow.

Please complete this 6-question survey to let us know more about you and your feelings towards clinical research studies and clinical trials at UH.

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