Welcome to our FAN Story Database. We are so grateful that you are willing to share your stories with us. The purpose of this story database is to collect FAN stories for the purposes of networking and to provide a family perspective to specific EIIC initiatives. Stories entered into the database will be shared among EIIC staff and other FANs with your permission. Additional permission will be requested if we have an opportunity to publish your story in one of our communication channels.

This form is setup so that you may enter multiple stories without having to re-enter your demographic information. After you enter your story, please select what EIIC area(s) you think best aligns with your story. You will then have the option to submit and exit the form, or save and make another story entry.

We thank you again for your willingness to share your story. Your voice is one of the most powerful and motivating tools for change, and we will use this database to amplify your voice throughout the EIIC space.

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